Business team outsourcing

Have a professional pharmaceutical team.
Save costs and avoid risks.
Make use of our experience and contacts in the pharmacy market.


We are specialised in the distribution of MedicProgress products as well as selected Pharma Future products in the Czech pharmacy market.


Are you interested in working in the pharmaceutical business?
Do you seek satisfaction and high motivation in your profession?
Do you want to have above-average salary?

team outsourcing

By outsourcing of the business team, you will get qualified and trained sales agents representing your company not only in the pharmacies but also in the medical environment, towards general practitioners, and also specialists. Outsourcing means a lot of benefits for your company.


  • Having sales representatives without increasing salary costs
  • No personal agenda
  • Saving time
  • Saving overhead costs
  • No need of purchasing necessary items (car, telephone, notebook, …)
  • High efficiency – regular monitoring, reporting and evaluation of the field work
  • Keeping informed of the competitors – sales representatives are constantly monitoring new products and innovations of your competitors
  • Marketing support – sales representatives will make original suggestions and provide useful incentives for promotion
  • Full scope preparation of promo activities in the pharmacies


  • Experienced, professionally trained and competent sales specialists
  • Young, ambitious people and a reliable team
  • Keeping in touch with customers
  • Considering specific needs of our partners
  • Confidence of our customers and partners is our pride
  • Organising training events, product presentations and promotion events
  • Increasing awareness of the products of our partners
  • Regular information on the market situation for our partners – participation of our partners in regular meetings of our team.


We represent MedicProgress and Pharma Future products in pharmacies. The products are aimed at joint nutrition, care of joints, muscles and tendons, and also intimate hygiene, vitamin preparations and special products for baby care.


Range of products for intimate parts care. Containing a washing gel, men and women intimate cremes and two types of lubrication gels manufactured as medical products. Maintaining vaginal flora, providing antimicrobial effects.


Preparations for fine and sensitive baby skin. Includes a shampoo, bathing and washing gel in one, powder cream, face & body cream, winter face cream, and a belly massage gel. All products tested for babies from the first day after the birth.

Konopné mazání

Massage balms for muscle, joint and tendon pain. Highly efficient preparations containing hemp oil for improved blood circulation, regeneration and pain relief, but also for prevention. The range includes a hemp shampoo, shower gel and a hand creme.


This range includes a panthenol spray and milk containing 10 % of D-Panthenol active substance. Providing cooling, soothing and regeneration effects, quick moisturising effect, reducing irritation and skin redness.

Ortho help

Comprehensive range of products for joints, including joint nutrition in the form of pills and emulgel for increasing blood circulation, heating up and suppressing joint tightness. Complex composition including a combination of chondroitin, glucosamine, type II collagen, hyaluronic acid and ginger.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the essential and most necessary vitamins for, among other things, normal collagen production, protection of cells against oxidation stress, and it is also indispensable for normal function of the immune system.


Which persons and which job positions are in demand?

We are constantly seeking quality, self-confident, motivated and active colleagues for various job positions, particularly in our sales and marketing teams. Do you want to become a member of our team or do you wish to ask any additional information? Feel free to contact us. Please send your professional CV, including a motivation letter and information about the field you want to be active in, to We will inform you about the possible opportunity of working with us.


We are offering sophisticated products with high added value but also regular products for everyday use. All products of the companies we represent are manufactured in compliance with internationally certified manufacturing procedures. Many experts have tested their benefits and recommend these products.

I have been using ORTHO products for a long time. I believe in their composition since I have tested it in extreme conditions.

- Tomáš Čelko, Slovak representative, Slovak Champion in Extreme Running

I strongly recommend ORTHO help products for comprehensive joint nutrition in my practice and I appreciate that Pharma Future Company has employed real experts having extended experience in orthopaedics in their development. Based on my experience, I recommend hemp balm massage preparations manufactured by MedicProgress for the period of recovery but also for prevention of the locomotor problems in future.

- MUDr. Radomír Holibka, Ph.D, renowned Czech orthopaedist and medical consultant of many top Czech sportsmen


Pharma Progress s.r.o. has been active in the Czech pharmaceutical market, business team outsourcing and providing marketing services for its business partners.


  • Guaranteeing top level and specialised services to our business partners
  • Supporting the brands represented by us and maximising their sales
  • Increasing goodwill of the companies and strengthening their market position

We are proud of the confidence of our clients and therefore we approach every customer individually, with the focus on cooperation efficiency and client satisfaction.


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